Taketa City Tourism Guide

武家屋敷通り Bukeyashiki Street (Samurai Residence Street)

武家屋敷通り ( ぶけやしきどおり ) Bukeyashiki Street
(Samurai Residence Street)

The former samurai residences from the Edo Period still remain at the old castle town of the feudal lords of the Oka Domain.

Encounter Historical Heritage and Abundant Natural Beauty in Your Travels

Taketa City is located in central Kyushu.
It is surrounded by the green of Mt. Aso and the Kuju mountain range.
Nature is beautiful in every season.
Visitors can relax in the atmosphere of romantic historical heritage, enjoy top hot springs, wide open prairies and the rich natural landscape, which benefits fine food products.

竹楽 Chikuraku(Taketa Bamboo Lantern Festival)

竹楽 ( ちくらく ) Chikuraku(Taketa Bamboo Lantern Festival)

20,000 bamboo lanterns illuminate the castle town.
The festival is held every year in November.



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