Taketa City Tourism Guide

Hot Springs

One of the best springs in Japan

Taketa City is the home of Nagayu Onsen(Nagayu Hot Spring), one of the best carbonated hot spring in Japan.
You can forget about the hustle and bustle and relax in a hot spring.

Nagayu Onsen (Nagayu Hot Spring)

During the Edo Period (1603-1868) the feudal lords of the Oka clan enjoyed this hot spring. The springs are highly carbonated and maintain a cultural exchange with one of Europe’s representative health resort Bad Krozingen in Germany.

Drinking the spring water has become popular as people say it is good for the stomach and intestines.

When taking a bath in the highly carbonated spring water, the body gets covered in silver colored foam.

御前湯温泉 Gozenyu Onsen (Gozenyu Hot Spring)

Gozenyu Onsen (Gozenyu Hot Spring)

This hot spring is known to be used only by the feudal lords during the Edo Period. Visitors can relax in a hot spring while listen to the stream of the Serikawa River.

ラムネ温泉 Lamune Onsen (Lamune Hot Spring)

Lamune Onsen (Lamune Hot Spring)

This warm and highly carbonated hot spring is relaxing and warms the body. The famous architect Terunobu Fujimori designed and built the facility.

ガニ湯 Ganiyu (Crab-shaped Riverbank Hot Spring)

Ganiyu (Crab-shaped Riverbank Hot Spring)

The story is that a crab was in love with a girl and the crab was hit by lightening which created this hot spring. It is an outside hot spring.

花水月温泉 Hanamizuki Onsen in Taketa (Hanamizuki Hot Spring)

Hanamizuki Onsen in Taketa
(Hanamizuki Hot Spring)

The Hanamizuki Onsen is located just 3 minutes away from the Bungo Taketa Station (JR). The Tourist Information Center is situated inside the facility. Family baths and free foot springs are also available.

Enjoy a hot spring in Taketa!

① Pour water on yourself before getting in the bath!

Pour water on yourself to remove dirt and to accustom yourself to the water temperature. Be sure not to get your towel wet in the bath.

② Enjoy the view!

Taketa is a beautiful location and the four seasons are so colorful. These are best seen from an outside hot spring. Enjoy the scenery from a hot spring!

③ Relax with your family!

Enjoy a bath with your family or a group of friends. Family baths are private and perfect for Onsen beginners !


For tourist information and accommodation reservations, please feel free to contact the

Taketa City Tourism Association

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Published by the Taketa City Department for Tourism, Industry and Commerce